Nabadeep SHG was founded in 2004 by Smt. Jaanmoni Phukon Bora, Smt. Sewali Tamuly, Smt. Mina Bhuyan Bora, and Smt. Junu Phukon.

The SHG hails from Thuramukh, Pub Morongi, Golaghat district, Assam. Before starting their SHG, the members' economic situation was weak. They decided to sell pickles and establish their SHG to improve their economic situation and registered with the Assam State Rural Livelihood Mission (ASRLM). The ASRLM officials assisted them in establishing their SHG for their livelihood activities.

Initially, the SHG members faced numerous challenges. They lacked financial support and were ill-equipped to make pickles. To overcome their difficulties, they approached KVK, Golaghat, for training in value addition in pickle processing.

Following that, the SHG members established their pickle brand "Milijuli Food Product" and began selling in the district's local market.

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However, they were still unable to upgrade their unit due to poor product packaging and a lack of financial support.

On September 10th, 2021, Nabadeep SHG enterprise received seed capital support of Rs. 40,000 under the PM Formalisation of Micro Food Processing Enterprises (PMFME) Scheme for working capital and to purchase small tools and equipment.

Due to absence of machinery in the past, the SHG relied on candle for product pack sealing, which was a time-consuming process. The SHG has now purchased a sealing machine with the seed capital support provided under the PMFME Scheme. The machine has improved the quality of the products’ packaging. The SHG members are also receiving training assistance through the PMFME Scheme.

The seed capital assistance has increased this Aatmanirbhar Enterprise's production capacity, allowing it to meet market demand for pickles. The SHG has added jujube pickle, elephant apple pickle, chilli pickle, mango pickle, bamboo shoot pickle, and olive pickle to its product line. Members have also begun to promote their brand on social media.

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Nabadeep SHG is marketing its products in the local markets within the block and the district. The SHG has generated annual revenue of about Rs. 55,500 for FY 2020–21.

Business Details
Enterprise: Nabadeep SHG
State: Assam
District: Golaghat

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